Thanksgiving for Days

Thanksgiving was a blur this year....and I'm not even kidding.

Thursday morning dawned bright and early with a run with friends. I wish I could snap my fingers and be at the same pace I was at just a couple of years ago. I'm just trying to get back in a workout routine and eventually my pace will get faster. It's amazing how fast you lose your mojo when you fall out of routines.

After the run, I went home and started packing for South Carolina. At noon we went and ate Thanksgiving dinner with my best friend and her family. Her sweet potatoes were AMAZING. We barely had time to enjoy our food before we had to head to the church to start preparing for the community Thanksgiving Dinner.

From that point on I really can't tell you many details. The rest of the day flew by with preparations for dinner. I was overwhelmed with the number of volunteers who showed up to help. In total between the people who showed up and the plates that were delivered, we handed out 141 Thanksgiving dinners. It was a great night!

Right after we had everything cleaned up from dinner, Brenn and I headed to South Carolina to spend time with family. We made it to my mom's house at around 2:00 Friday morning. I was past tired by that point. Thank God for my child who entertained me a good portion of the trip.

We really enjoyed spending the weekend seeing my siblings, their wives, and my brand new nephew! Sunday night, my mom prepared our family's Thanksgiving dinner. Not too long after we ate, we headed back to Tennessee. 

It was a whirlwind of a weekend, but I wouldn't change anything. I am so very blessed with all that God has given me...Brenn, my family, my church, Hope Outreach. Sometimes it's overwhelming to think about.


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