What is your name?

The last time someone called you a name

I'm going to take a different spin on this writing prompt and share about the last time someone called me by the wrong name...

Cuz, guess what?! It happens ALL. THE. TIME.

It mostly happens at work, but it has happened in other places too.

The funny part? Everyone calls me by the same wrong name...


I must look like a Stephanie because there is no part of Stephanie in my name. I am not related to a Stephanie. I can't even think of anyone I see on a daily basis whose name is Stephanie. 

Just the other day, I had someone call me at work and say, "Hey, Stephanie this is...."

I didn't even correct her. It wasn't worth the trouble because the next time she called me, my name would be Stephanie again. 

I blame my mother. She apparently named me wrong.

Dear mother,

If you're reading this I'm sending you my therapy bill

Your daughter 
Stephanie Jennifer


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