Life Lately

Life has been pretty awesome lately!

Here's a little update:

We celebrated National Dog Day because of this girl. 

She wove her little self into our hearts about five months ago. I never knew that a trip to a local animal shelter would change our world. I seriously haven't felt this much love for a pet...ever. She is a sweetie. She's half blind and hard of hearing, but she still thinks she's a puppy.  She's the best!

I am officially in half marathon training. I started with a four miler last weekend. I haven't done very much running at all, so I was worried about how my body would take it. Thankfully, I did surprisingly well. My pace was almost identical to what the pace was for my last half, which means that things can only go uphill from here.

Speaking of uphill, I decided to incorporate some hill training. I've never really done and hill training before, but given Nashville is full of gently (and not so gently) rolling hills, I felt it was necessary. So, this past Monday I did some stairs running...over and over and OVER again. It was exhausting yet pretty empowering at the same time. :)

I've blogged for about five years and never really had the opportunity to meet any fellow bloggers. That is, until last week when a fellow blogger contacted me! We live in the same small town and had the opportunity to meet up and talk. I really enjoyed getting to know her. I love hearing the reasons why people start blogging. We all have a story and sometimes we want to share in an effort to keep in touch with friends and family. Sometimes we write because it's one of our only outlets. Whatever the reason, there is a kindred spirit among bloggers and it's pretty awesome.

The guy I'm seeing (We'll call him "J") came into town this weekend. I'm not even sure how many miles we covered, but I know I'm exhausted!

We did the Jack Daniels Distillery tour Saturday morning. Neither one of us are big drinkers, but it is interesting to see the process that goes into making Jack Daniels. After the tour we took a walk around downtown Lynchburg. I love walking around small towns!

So, Saturday afternoon we planned on heading to Shelbyville before going to church in Murfreeesboro. There's a little background story on why we headed to Shelbyville...

I have never heard the name, "Big Smo" before this weekend. I didn't know he was a country/rap singer. I didn't know he had a reality show on A&E, and I certainly didn't know he was from the middle Tennessee area. Well, J found out that Big Smo is from the Shelbyville area and wanted to go check out the town. 

On the way to Shelbyville, I suggested we stop in a little town called Bell Buckle. It's one of my favorite small towns and I feel like a "must see" for tourists. 

Well, guess what?! Big Smo and his family have a store in Bell Buckle. And on top of that, his daughter was working in the store. J's day was made. 

Since then, I have watched most of season two of his show. It is pretty interesting. And his mom is such a sweetie. I can't say I'm crazy about that genre of music, but props to him for working hard at what he loves. 

That's what is happening in my world lately. I am sure ready for fall!


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