Just keep runnin'

I wish I could say that I finished my half marathon like a beast, but I really didn't.

I kind of finished like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music...just not that pretty or elegant.

I had made a decision that I would not worry about time with this half. The longest run and I'd done was eight miles. And I'm using the word, "run" loosely. With all my half marathons, I do a combination of running and walking. I stuck to that method pretty strictly with this half marathon. I didn't want to injure myself and I wanted to actually finish.

The weather report leading up to Saturday's race was horrible. It was almost an exact replica of the weather back in 2013 when I first ran this half, just a tad warmer. 

I griped and complained about it the whole week, not looking forward to running in severe weather. Thankfully, the day of the race ended up being almost perfect. The temperature was a little cool, but not too bad. It didn't rain but it stayed overcast for a long while which made this girl happy!

I had a first this time. With the past four half marathons I've done, I've always had people there with me...family, friends, boyfriend. This time I was all alone. I really thought being by myself would upset me especially while crossing the finish line, but surprisingly I didn't bother me at all.

I had no worries with this half. I didn't feel like I had to finish it in a certain time because I had people waiting on me...hence the reason I kind of felt like Julie Andrews.

I actually enjoyed running this half. Well up until mile ten anyway. I paid attention to the signs and the volunteers...who are the most awesome volunteers in the world. I enjoyed running through Nashville and really took in the sights and all that was going on around me. I enjoyed watching runners find their families on the side of the road who were cheering them on. I didn't put any pressure on myself and that really made a huge difference in my attitude.

At mile ten, I hit that inevitable wall. I really expected it to happen sooner. Thankfully it didn't and I know that's because I took it slower. The last three miles were torture. I wanted food. I wanted any beverage except for water. I wanted flip flops. I wanted to lay on the pavement and take a nap.

I eventually found the finish line and once again took the time to take in all that was happening around me. I love the feeling of crossing the finish line. I love the sense of accomplishment while feeling absolutely exhausted. It's really hard to put into words. Maybe like child birth but you hold a medal at the end instead of a baby? Hmmm....maybe that's not the best analogy.

Anyway, it ended up being a very good day.

Surprisingly, this wasn't my slowest half. It was my most enjoyable though.

The best part of all is that I was able to raise money for a great cause. I'm still raising till the end of May, so it's not too late to donate. (PLEASE!!!)

 I also have the awesome privilege of running for this adorable little girl. :)


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