I tend to overthink EVERYTHING

There's no area of my life that's safe. It doesn't matter if I'm thinking about clothes, hair, friends, work, parenting...I'm going to beat that dead horse over and over again (by the way, WHERE did that saying come from??).

Okay, well no time to overthink why beating dead horses is a common saying.

One of the major areas of my life where I tend to overthink the most is in my dating relationship. It always starts out pretty small.

"Does he think I'm pretty?"

"Do I talk too much?"

Is my laugh getting on his nerves?"

But then as the relationship progresses, my overthinking takes a sad turn. It sometimes consumes me. Every action, every word spoken or not spoken is analyzed. I begin to worry. Worry about the future. Worry if I'm good enough for this person. Worry that I'm not giving enough to the relationship. 

It's a horrible cycle for anyone to be in. And it's not healthy for me, my partner, or our relationship.

I don't know the future. I don't know all the answers on how to have a successful relationship. And, overthinking everything about my relatipnship will continue robbing me of the happiness that comes from having someone to share life experiences with. Someone who is with me because he wants to be. Someone who knows my flaws and cares about me anyway.

So, I'm slowly learning to replace my overthnking and overanalyzing with  just being in the moment. 

I'm learning to just let things be. To let the relationship naturally progress and not try to guess what's going to happen next or if I'm doing everything right.


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