Girls trip to Gatlinburg

A couple of weeks ago, my mom called to tell me that she and my sister were taking a weekend girls trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee and asked if I would like to meet them there. Of course I jumped at the chance. They live in South Carolina and I only get to see them maybe twice a year. 

We had the best time. I joked the whole weekend that what happens in Gatlinburg stays in Gatlinburg...and that's what we're sticking to. 

When I was younger, my mom would pack us up in the car on Thanksgiving and we would drive to Gatlinburg just to see the lights. We did that every year until the year our car broke down and we were stuck in Pigeon Forge for a couple days. I think by then we needed a little bit of a break from the Smoky Mountains, although now I think about that trip and just laugh. Ahhh...Memories.

Saturday, we started our day at the Christmas Place in Pigeon Forge.

That place is almost a tad overwhelming. We spent HOURS in there.

 I found some ideas and items for wreaths which made me feel like I accomplished something. 

We then went to eat at Johhny Carino's Italian Restaurant where my sister shamefully flirted with the waiter who happened to be from Ukraine. I guessed where he was from because his first name is the same as the hunky Maksim Chmerkovskiy on Dancing with the Stars.

Saturday evening, we went to the aquarium at a perfect time. I think it was around seven and there was practically no one there.

Sunday before we parted ways we drove through Cades Cove, which is one of my most favorite places to go. 

You don't even have to try to take good pictures there...they just happen.

My mom somehow got us lost coming out of Cades Cove. I'm not sure how that even happened given there's not many ways in and out...

It was a great trip full of lots of laughs. I am so thankful for my family. The older I get, the more nostalgic I become. Memories become sweeter and I notice that I try to savior moments just a little more.


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