Confession Wednesday: Santa

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Today, I was reading a blog that I follow regularly where she shared how (in a very grown up, positive way) she told her daughter the truth about Santa.

This got me thinking to when Brenn first learned about Santa. Now that I look back, it was a little bit of a train wreck...which is apparently how I like to go about doing many things in my life.

I had wanted to have "the talk" with Brenn for a while. I felt he was old enough to understand that presents didn't just appear. I worked hard to give him the presents he received every year.

I honestly can't remember how old he was when we had the discussion (I'm using the word "discussion" lightly). It went something like this.

Brenn: "Mom, how does Santa have money to make all the gifts he gives to kids?"

Me: "Well, Brenn we need to talk about that. Santa isn't actually real. I'm the one who buys your presents, wraps them, and puts them under the tree after you go to bed."

Brenn: "Well, I kind of figured that because kids at school had talked about it." 

...he pauses and then I hear the beginning of a sob....

Brenn: "Wait, you mean to tell me that you've kept this from me and lied to me all these years?!"

The boy has a flair for being dramatic...

A couple months later he lost a tooth and immediately came to me and said, "Mom, is there something you need to tell me about the tooth fairy?"

I said, "Yes, the tooth fairy is really Dwayne Johnson." (Don't all moms wish!!)


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