For the love of turkey...let's just slow things down a little!

Right after Halloween was over, I started searching for Thanksgiving items for wreaths that I was making. 

I searched and searched and searched. Even the guy I'm dating searched stores for me...Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Old time Pottery...

There was very little Thanksgiving stuff to be had in any of these stores. And, do you know what one of the Hobby Lobby workers said?!

"Almost all our Thanksgiving stuff has already been picked over." 


They had already shoved what was left in a small area of the store. However, Christmas decorations had thrown up all over the place.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas. I LOVE decorating for Christmas. But, for the love of all things turkey, let's not forget we still have a holiday in between Halloween and Christmas.

People are already putting up their Christmas trees for crying out loud. 

And, you know what's going to happen on December 25??? People are going to be tired of seeing all this Christmas stuff and they're going to pack it up until next year. 

What ever happened to putting the Christmas stuff up on Thanksgiving and enjoying it until New Year's? 

What has happened to Thanksgiving??


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