I Have Been Alive for 34 Years

Hello? Is there anyone in here?

Alright, well I'm back. For a little while anyway.

I decided today was a good day to post in this good ole' blog. Because today is my 34th birthday. 

Jeez, I remember when I posted on here for my 30th birthday.

Time flies when you're having fun...or something like that.

So, for my 34th birthday, I decided to list 34 things I want to do before October of next year. These are all things I have some type of control over.

For example, I will not be listing "getting married" as a goal. Because I have no control over that.

Or a potential mate for that matter. BUT, I do have peace and no crazy ex-wife driving me to the point of insanity.

It's the little things that matter...

Anyway, let's carry on. Without further ado, here is my list (in no certain order):

1) Lose 55 pounds

2) Intentionally spend time with Brenn every week

3) Post on this blog at least twice a week

4) Write an Examiner article at least twice a week

5) Start my relationship blog (I have A LOT to say in this area)

6) Start writing a book

7) Run in at least two half marathons

8) Take at least two trips to see my family in South Carolina 

9) Take a trip to New York to see my family

10) Work at growing my wreath business

11) Go to at least one concert

12) Declutter my home

13) Make a plan to get out of debt

14) Start HOPE Ministry

15) Be more involved with the Southern Convoy of Hope/One Day Ministry leadership team

16) Be a part of the Henna Tattoo Ministry at Bonnaroo again

17) Work at the Nashville Rescue Mission at least once a month

18) Audition for a play

19) Go hiking at least four times

20) Spend quality time with a friend at least once a month

21) Read at least 10 books all the way through

22) Redesign this blog

23) Start training for a full marathon

24) Go to at least one conference/meet-up

25) Take a trip to somewhere I've never been

26) Start teaching Brenn how to drive (WHAT?!)

27) Get a new washer and dryer

28) Do some type of exercise every day

29) Get the windshield fixed on my car

30) Work at waking up at 5:30 every weekday morning

31) Work at being in bed by 9:30 every weekday evening

32) Log my food every possible day

33) Pray more

34) Work at learning how to crochet

Wow, that's a long list!


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