Because I'm happy

Venus Trapped in Mars
32 Things that make me happy

1. Polished nails

2. Finishing a run (because saying I'm happy while doing a run is like saying I enjoy gouging my eyeballs out)

I really did 10 miles, but my phone died 

3. Mountain Dew (curse you!!)

4. New pens

5. Post-it notes

6. Spring

7. The beach

8. A smart, goal oriented almost 14 year old who is taking after his dad in the height department (thank goodness)

9. A man who accepts me for me...mood swings and all

10. A hike...away from people (I can only be a people person for so long...)

11. Time with my friends

12. Getting laundry washed, dried, and put up

13. Mexican food

14. Italian food

15. Pretty much any food

16. Seeing the numbers on the scale go down

17. Going to an exercise class

18. Getting to see my family

19. The mountains

20. Snuggling

21. A good book

22. My choir kids

23. New running shoes 

24. A clean house

25. A full tank of gas

26. Camping

27. A new outfit

28. Helping others

29. Chocolate

30. Sugar (interpret that however you wish)

31. Chapstick (sometimes it's the difference between life and death)

32. Good music

What makes you happy?


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