Music/Movie Monday

I had the opportunity to catch up on some movie watching this weekend. 

On Saturday, we watched Gravity. I love Sandra Bullock...a lot. If I recall, I think I heard some negative reviews about this movie and I don't even remember why. but I personally thought it was great.


Why kill off George Clooney so early on?


I'm pretty sure I held my breath through the whole entire movie.

It was a little different than other Sandra Bullock movies, but it was full of intense scenes and comic reliefs. 

On Sunday, I watched Catching Fire. I haven't read the entire second book yet, so I can't say if the movie is even close to the book. The movie was awesome though. Given the fact that I didn't know how the book ended, all I can say is HOLY COW. 

Katniss is in big trouble and will probably be put in timeout.

For real.

Happy Monday!


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