Monday Musings: Movies, hair, running...oh my!

STILL catching up on my movies.

This weekend I watched White House Down & Captain Phillips

I thought I was gonna have to take some medicine after two intense movies in a row. At least there was somewhere around 24 hours between movie watching. I thought both movies were great.


Friday, I decided to do something just slightly different with my hair. I always get it highlighted every eight weeks. This time I put some red in it. 

It's different, but the color is growing on me. The funny thing is, I've gotten LOTS of compliments from teenage girls. 

Midlife crisis? Hmmm...


I'm training for my fourth half marathon in April, so Sunday was a nine mile run day.

It's very cool that the half I'm doing in April was the first one I did last year. This will mark my one year anniversary of running half marathons. The registration was paid for from a friend as a birthday present, so that makes this race even more cool! 

I'm fairly certain I won't PR. My pace time has been VERY slow since getting over my hip issues. My goal is not only to finish pain free, but also beat last year's time. I'm certain I can do that.


I am bound and determined to become a morning person. I bought this book on my Kindle and highly recommend it.

I also recommend The Sleep Cycle app. I used it for the first time last night. It has high reviews and is only 99 cents for the iPhone version.


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