Dear Self Magazine: You Messed Up

Read the reason I'm writing this here.

Dear Self Magazine,

So, the motto of your magazine is, "Being fit, strong and active means feeling great, being happy and looking your most beautiful.

I'm very disappointed in your actions concerning the woman wearing a tutu. I bet you feel real bad after finding out the woman is a cancer patient. 

Whoops, you messed up big time.

I'm wondering if your idea of helping women feel more beautiful is making fun of them? Even without the fact that she has brain cancer and was going through chemo, this woman was running a full marathon (26.2 miles). She was doing something which I'm sure made her feel great, happy, and beautiful. Yet, you decided to degrade her and list her actions as "lame" because she wore a tutu.

Oh, here's something else you say on your website, "SELF speaks to women about three key areas of her being: her body, her looks and her life."

You speak to women alright. But, unfortunately this time it was in a negative way.

Many women already have issues with body image. Many women also have trouble realizing their self worth. 

And, many women have difficult stories and journeys in which you have NO IDEA they are dealing with. 

Maybe you should think about that next time before you publish your "BS Meter." 

Or maybe you should just get rid of that BS.




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