Weekend Shenanigans

Instead of the weekend being full of things I had to do,  it was full of friends and great conversations. 

Friday night proved that a person is never too old to have a slumber party. It was my last night as "single Jennifer." Saturday, after ten long days, I would once again become "Brenn's mom, Jennifer." My friend's husband was out of town and her daughter was spending the night with a friend, so I packed a bag and headed over to her house so she wouldn't be alone. Poor girl had to listen to me drone on and one about my dating life...one day I'm going to be famous with all the crazy dating stories I have.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to meet some other friends for a six mile run. This was my last long run before the 10K on July 4th. I will describe the run in two words: Tennessee humidity. It was HAWT. 

Soon after the run, my boy came home. I really enjoy the break, but I have to say life just isn't the same without having that kid home. I often think in just a few years he will be even more independent and there I will be...without child and alone. 

I keep telling people I need to start collecting cats now just so I have a head start.

Saturday evening was spent roasting hot dogs and playing Disney Trivial Pursuit with friends...this was probably the most ADD trivial pursuit game I have ever played.

Sunday afternoon was spent at our recreation center pool taking in some sun. I'm trying to get rid of some of my pasty whiteness.

A very, very nice relaxing weekend which ended with a promise.

I also learned something this weekend. I have read many dating "rule" articles. It is absolutely crazy how many "rules" there are nowadays. However, there's one rule I will be throwing out the window. I might change my mind next week, but here it is: If you want to talk to the guy you're seeing (or kind of seeing) just call him. It's okay to pick up the phone. The "rule" says that you don't initiate contact. Well, sometimes you should. I don't mean call him every five minutes while texting him in between calls. Try to be a little smarter than that. 

I could be totally off my rocker, but maybe I'm not...time will tell I guess.

Dating is hard y'all...especially for us old(er) people.

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