My (naturally curly, thick) hair

For the month of April, I will be participating in the A to Z blog challenge. This means that every day (except for Sunday) I'll share a blog post that coincides with the day's letter.

H - My (naturally curly, thick) hair

I was cursed blessed with naturally curly hair. Not just curly, but THICK and curly. 

My hair hasn't been real curly my whole life. It was more wavy than curly when I was younger. But one day while my parents were not supervising me (as they obviously should have been) I found a pair of scissors and CUT my hair. 

Not just a little cut. It was bad. 

So bad that my mom drove me to my grandma's house, pushed me through the door and said to my grandma, "do something with this." All while my older cousins laughed hysterically. 

Ever since that episode (which I totally blame on my parent's lack of supervision) my hair has been really curly. I have spent most of my life fighting the curl. I straightened my hair with a flat iron and a clothes iron (yes, I did that). I have also spent tons of money trying to tame the mess. 

I stopped fighting the curl about two years ago. I came across several videos from a girl who practices the 'Curly Girl Method.' I started following her method and began to see a big difference in my big ole' frizzy fro. 

Some of the ideas from this method will sound crazy, but I use them and I know they work. Here are the steps I follow:

1) Stop using shampoo OR use a shampoo that contains mild cleansers. Most shampoos contain sulfates that are not good for curly hair. 

2) Wash your scalp with conditioner. Massage your scalp with your fingertips. This will loosen any dirt and any other particles. Make sure to thoroughly rinse your hair after.

3) After you rinse your hair take the conditioner and apply it to the rest of your hair. This is actually when I comb my hair...the ONLY time I comb my hair. After combing through your hair, rinse the conditioner out. I will sometimes rinse my hair with cold water. Rinsing with cold water helps with the frizz. 

4) After your hair is rinsed DO NOT wrap a towel around your head. The fibers in a normal towel will frizz your hair. I use a t-shirt to wrap around my head. You can also use a micro-fiber towel.

5) Once I'm done washing my hair these are the products I apply:

After you apply your hair products, put the t-shirt back around your  head to absorb the excess water. 

6) If you blow dry your hair, make sure to use a diffuser. Most of the time I let my hair air dry. 

It took a while for my hair to adjust, but I'm much more happy with the curl. I also found a GREAT hair stylist...which is especially important for naturally curly girls.

So if you have thick, naturally curly hair I promise there is hope.


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