Kick-Starting Healthy Eating...Again

For the month of April, I will be participating in the A to Z blog challenge. This means that every day (except for Sunday) I'll share a blog post that coincides with the day's letter. 
This is such a lie because it's Sunday and I'm having to post twice to catch up.


I'm behind! It is seriously hard to post every day. But, I have enjoyed this challenge. This is the most consistent I've been at writing on my blog. Woo hoo!

I am in desperate need of taking control of my eating habits. Things aren't good at all. I crave sugar all the time...and I give in to the cravings. I am back to drinking 20 ounce Mountain Dews daily. So not good.

Not too long ago, I had said that my focus would totally be on my eating once the half marathon is done in two weeks (two weeks...yikes!!). But, my eating is starting to affect my moods, my attitude and my exercising. 

I decided to make some changes this weekend. At first I had decided to do a 10 day detox, but as I was researching the foods I would be able to eat I decided not to do a detox. Being a single mom means I am constantly on a tight budget and a tight schedule. I couldn't rationalize buying food for a totally separate meal or even having to prepare two of every meal every day.

So, I planned my menu for the week and went grocery shopping. My eating this week consists of these things:

Whole grain bread
Peanut butter
Raw almonds
Sweet Potatoes
Raw carrots

I have not had caffeine in two days (bring on the headaches). 

The last time I felt this way was when my weight loss journey began. I'm just done being tired and eating junk. D. O. N . E.

I'm thinking of slowly gravitating towards clean eating. I think if I take it nice and slow my son won't even notice what he's eating. 

So, if you have any healthy recipes out there, please share!

I shared this pic on Facebook and Instagram the other day. These pictures are really what keep me motivated.

I also got my first sunburn yesterday while doing my long run. First sunburn of the year...and surely not the last.


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