Game Time

For the month of April, I will be participating in the A to Z blog challenge. This means that every day (except for Sunday) I'll share a blog post that coincides with the day's letter.


As an early birthday present, we took Brenn to an Atlanta Braves game this past Saturday. We went to this particular game because boyfriend AKA beefcake is a Cubs fan. It so happened that the Braves were playing the Cubs.

Now, I'm not much of a sports fan. Brenn is all about sports 24/7. Out television stays on ESPN the majority of the time. 

I like the Braves and have been to a game before, but given that my man is a Cubs fan I decided to change sides... just to make the rivalry a little more fun.

Side note: we ate at Aurelio's pizza before going to the game. Best pizza I have ever had. If you're ever in Marietta make sure to try it out. It's goooood.

The game was great. The weather was great. The company was awesome. And, the Braves won which made Brenn's birthday present that much better.

I was even serenaded by boyfriend on the way to the game. He sang me this Elvis romantic.


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