Bring it April

Hey y'all! For the month of April, I will be participating in the A to Z blog challenge. This means that every day (except for Sunday) I'll share a blog post that coincides with the day's letter. 

So, guess what today's letter is?


April is such a fun-filled month. Brenn was born April 25. He was supposed to be born April 16...that kid has always been stubborn. 

This year is a little more bittersweet because not only is he having a birthday, he's turning 13.

My baby is no longer a baby. 

The kid already knows so much more than me.

...or so he says

The time has FLOWN by. I really feel like I have a limited about of time before he gets to the age where he's not around much anymore. 

*SIGH* Sometimes it's hard being a mommy.

April is also a good month for those jokesters that prey on unsuspecting, gullible people such as myself. 

Darn you April and your Fools' Day.

(That name is Ella Fant and the phone number is to the zoo.) This joke is brought to you by none other than my boss. He said this person had called and urgently needed to speak with me.  Thank. you. very. much.

April also means warmer weather.

More running time outside.

And, of course in a few weeks I will be running my first half marathon.

So bring it April...I'm ready for ya.


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