Wait...it's 2013? When did that happen?

Let's catch up...

In December, Brenn and I ran our first 5K. I can't even describe the feeling of crossing that finish line and seeing the faces of so many friends that have supported and encouraged me through my weight loss journey.

 We spent Christmas with our family in South Carolina and had a great time. We might be a tad dysfunctional, but we sure do have fun.

The most unexpected part of December was when I received a Facebook message from a guy I've known for several years. This happened right before Christmas:

And, we made it official in February...because nothing is official until you put it on Facebook:

Great things happen when you least expect cuz that's the way God works, ya know.

We also added a new member to our family. I thought he was such a cutie...

And then this happened on many occasions...which made me come to the conclusion he is in desperate need of Ritalin.

But, he still is cute...

We brought in the new year with some great friends

Have you ever played this game? It is absolutely hilarious.

And, I've been training to run in this race, which is happening in two weeks: 

I will be doing the 15K...that's 9.3 miles people! This is in preparation for the half marathon that I will be doing at the end of April in Nashville. I never in a million years thought I would be planning to do a half marathon! 

Weight loss wise, the scale has not budged in many, many, MANY months. I exercise regularly but my eating has not been good. I'll get back on track. I'm still determined to lose these 40 lbs. When I get down in the dumps, I have to remind myself of where I've been...

and where I am now...


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