Special Kids 15K Race...I did it Y'all

Back on January 1st while spending the afternoon with some friends, a friend of mine asked if I would be willing to do a half marathon with her. I had just done my first 5K race at the beginning of December and had decided I was going to try yet again to run a half marathon (nothing like jumping from a 3.1 mile goal to a 13.1 mile goal). 

Last year, I had started training for a women's half marathon in Nashville. For several months I stuck to my training schedule; but it didn't take long to convince myself there was NO way I was going to be able to run 13.1 miles. I was down on myself every time I had to stop and walk. I worked up to six miles and just quit.

I've always been good at quitting things. I have never believed in myself or believed that I could accomplish a seemingly impossible task. 

Running a half marathon, to me, was an impossible task.

So, when I started training again this year, I really didn't think I would stick with it. But, it turns out that this time was different. My fitness had improved and I noticed that even though running didn't come naturally to me, I started to enjoy the time alone. I began to learn how to control my breathing and find my pace. I still had to walk, but that was okay because my goal was just to finish. 

A few months into the training, another friend of mine posted a link on Facebook about a 15K race coming up in March. Liz (my friend who's running the half marathon with me) and I decided it would be a great opportunity to evaluate our progress before the half marathon in April.

This past weekend we ran the 15K...9.3 miles. This was the first time Liz and I have been able to run together. She is by far the best running partner. We both run about the same pace and before the race decided we would stick together. I can't even describe the feeling of crossing that finish line and realizing I just ran my longest distance ever. On top of that, Liz and I ran the whole thing. Other than the drink stations, we didn't walk ONCE. 

Next stop: The Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville!

If I can reach these goals, then anyone can. I'm still 40 pounds from my target weight. I'm not an athletic person. But, I decided that I could do this. I might be slow...but I could do it.

I am so blessed to have an awesome support system, including a wonderful boyfriend. He got up at the crack of dawn to drive Liz and me to the race and waited at the finish line. He posted this Saturday night after the race...I couldn't have said it any better:


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