Weekly Recap: Getting back on track...once again

Happy Monday! I have almost made it to my 100th post!

I haven't done a weekly recap because after Thanksgiving I had trouble getting back on track.

(Yummy Pumpkin Pie)

I gained a couple of pounds and all that hard work of the weekly challenges pretty much went down the drain. I was also dealing with the negative emotions from the text I talked about in my last post

Thankfully, last week was a little better. 

Actually, it was way better.

I lost a little over a pound, which means I almost lost what I gained during Thanksgiving. I've decided to take a break from the weekly challenges and just focus on drinking more water. 

Also, Brenn and I are running our very first 5K this Saturday!!! AND, I am working at getting my spin instructor certification!

(Slowly gaining some muscle!)

So, last week wasn't all that bad. This weight loss journey is certainly a daily struggle. It's hard and sometimes not fun. But, I am certainly the most healthy I've ever been. Doors are opening that I never thought in a million years would open (me??? a spin instructor???).

(Most current plank time)

So, this week I will focus on drinking water, doing my daily squats, and continuing my plank-a-day challenge. I've also not done a good job in logging my food...frankly because I'm embarrassed by all the junk I've been eating lately. Thank goodness each day starts off with a clean slate!

(Are you up for the challenge?!)


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