Weekly Recap: Decorating and Planking

Well, I might have been preoccupied with my addiction to Words with Friends and SongPop to write any more posts last week...

Or maybe I was just really busy, which I was. 

Every year, my church has a women's event called Holidays That Honor Him. For the event, women are asked to host a table; and for the first time I decided I wanted to host a table. I asked one of my other single mom friends if she would like to host the table with me because I was too scared to do one myself. Thankfully, she said yes. As hostesses, we were responsible for providing the dishes and picking a theme, so we decided to do a St. Patrick's Day table.

Our inspiration came from this picture:


This was our table:


It was a great night. The food was wonderful and the speaker was hilarious. I will not disclose how many calories I ate that night...

Alright, on to health stuff. Two weeks ago, I decided to recalculate the number of calories I'm supposed to eat a day. I put the new calories into effect this past week and ended up losing 4 lbs. I gained a couple for a short amount of time at the end of the week (because of some food choices) but overall I learned that I wasn't eating enough calories. Secondly, I learned how much better I feel when I don't drink Mountain Dew. I didn't have one all week and I have slept so much better. 

Last week, my challenge was to add fruits and veggies to every meal. Believe it or not, I had a little trouble with this. Since I'm not used to adding fruits and veggies to all my meals, I had to constantly remind myself to do it. It certainly isn't a horrible habit to have. This week, I am not allowed to have any fast food at all. This is a big step since fast food used to be a staple in our house (sad but true). I think down the line I can be a little more lenient with this. My goal right now is to avoid fast food altogether until I feel like I can go to a fast food restaurant and make better choices.

So far, these have been my challenges:

1) Plan out my daily menu 

2) Drink 8 oz. of water every hour (this has been a struggle)

3) Add fruits and veggies to every meal

4) **This week** No fast food

I also joined a challenge on Facebook which included planking every day. I just started doing this on Sunday. Since many of my fitness classes require planking, I was able to keep it for about a minute. I'm looking forward to improving that time! I saw pictures on Instagram from people who could plank for eight minutes or more!

(Day 1 of PlankADay)

Alright, well enough of my rambling.  I hope ya'll are having a great week! I might get another vlog up this week...hopefully.


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