Summer Vacation and My Kid is Growing Up

It is CRAZY how fast summer flies. It seems like Brenn just finished his last day of sixth grade. He's already back in school and has been for two weeks. 

Life has once again become hectic. We had a great vacation in South Carolina visiting family and spending some time at the beach. 

My boy is growing up. I enjoy watching him grow into a teenager. He's REALLY turning into a teenager too...his voice has begun to change. It's quite funny.

 He frustrates the fire out of me on a daily basis, but I am blessed with a good kid. I remind myself of this fact daily, especially when he makes comments to me like, "mom, I sometimes question your parenting skills." I just laugh and say, "yep, sometimes I question them too." 

He has also graduated to the front seat of the car...which means I will NEVER have control of the radio again. 

Summer is quickly coming to an end and it seems like a chapter in my life is also coming to an end. No longer do I have a little boy... because that "little boy" is now two inches taller than me.


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