10 Thoughts Tuesday

This idea came from Just the Stuff Ya Know

1) This week has been soooo busy. There's a slight possibility that my head is going to explode.

2) On a brighter note, I ran/walked 6.78 miles on Sunday. That number still shocks me. I'm getting close to being ready for the half marathon in September!

3) Brenn has been at his dad's since Friday. I'm kind of enjoying the quiet a little more this time...

4) I will be plopping my behind here this weekend...I can hardly wait!

 5) God is doing BIG things and I'm really excited to see where all of these opportunities lead. I'll share more details in time.

6) I'm getting a good response from single moms wanting to be interviewed for the Single Mom Spotlight. If you are a single mom, were a single mom in the past, or even know a single mom (I think that probability is fairly high) please pass on the information!

7) I dread packing for our vacation...

8) The theme of this vacation will be: NO SUNBURN. Seriously, the thought of having to deal with sunburn on my back makes me want to cry. At some point, I always look like I'm twitching like a crazy person.

9) Anyone watching the Bachelorette? If the spoilers I read are correct, then I know who Emily is going to pick...and I'm kind of ok with it. I won't say any more since I know there are people who actually like surprises. If you don't, then go here....you know you want to.

10)  I'm ready for bed.


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