Bullying & Karen Klein

Have ya'll watched this video? I watched a little of the beginning before fast forwarding to the end. The whole video is disheartening, but the comments at the end of the video are horrible.

This video just broke my heart. No one...I mean NO ONE deserves to be talked to the way this woman was talked to. 

I was never bullied in school, but for numerous reasons I was picked on almost all through school. I have naturally curly hair and back when I was in elementary school and middle school, I was still trying to figure out how to get rid of the friz. I remember kids making mean comments about my hair on numerous occasions. I've also struggled with my weight since elementary school (and still do). Like I said, I never was outright bullied, but I do know how mean kids can be. 

The media sensation of this video and in turn the support Karen Klein is receiving from people all over the world is absolutely wonderful. I read some of the comments people have left on the website indiegogo (the website taking donations). Some of the comments made me cry. Reading the comments made me think about all the people who are bullied and don't get the recognition or support they need. Maybe it's because they are too scared to say anything. Maybe it's because no one believes them. Whatever the reason, I hope that this incident will just be a step forward in stopping kids from bullying. It's just wrong.

On a brighter note, Karen Klein now has $653,000 to go on vacation.

I wonder where she'll go??


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