10 Thoughts Tuesday

 I'm not sure if there are even ten thoughts in my head right now, but I'll give it a shot...

1) I'm so happy that I only have to run 2.5 miles tomorrow...I still can't believe that running is even a part of my life.

2) A guy came into my office today and with a bewildered look on his face, asked for Jennifer. I told him that I was Jennifer and he was shocked. He didn't even recognize me. THAT is the motivation that keeps me on my weight loss journey!

3) Brenn will be gone all of next week with his youth group. They are doing a street reach ministry. I'm so excited for him!

4) Oh my gosh, Brenn will be gone all next week...which means he will need clothes for five days ...which means I have to do laundry...dang it

5) I really hope Brenn showers regularly while he's gone. I know it's a gross thought, but I know how he is. He's a boy.

6) Maybe I can get the house somewhat clean next week...or maybe I will come home from work and plop in front of the television and catch up on movies. I'll play it by ear.

7) WHY do I have to put the clothes on my bed that I pull out of the dryer?!?! I really did have a good reason. I can't sleep on my bed until the clothes are folded. I'm seriously getting tired of sleeping on the floor.

8) My thought number seven is a lie. I'm not really sleeping on the floor. But I still detest folding laundry.

9) I'm craving ice cream...in my measuring cup



  1. Weight loss that makes someone not recognize you?! Congratulations!!!

  2. A note on #4 and 5, you do not need to do laundry for Brenn, all he has to do is turn the shirts inside out and they are clean. Number 5 just reinforces what I said about #4 who needs clean clothes when you are not going to shower anyway???? PS. The reason that guys where dark colors and never white... if you can't see that clothes are dirty, then they are clean! Hope Brenn has a GREAT time and I hope you get some quality "you time" in while he is gone.

    1. Ha! I'm sure Brenn would agree with you. I'm kind of enjoying my "me time" but I really miss my boy!


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