10 Thoughts Tuesday

 I borrowed this idea from Just the Stuff Ya Know...Great blog!

1) I am the master stalker of other people's blogs...which is how I came across the idea to do 10 Thoughts Tuesday

2) I also noticed on said stalked blog that Naila gives a schedule of what she will post every week. Me being the lover of lists and schedules (I didn't say I actually completed the lists or stuck with the schedules), I now want to make a schedule for my blog

3) I just finished an hour spinning class. I'm flippin' tired. Not just tired...flippin' tired.

4) Brenn is getting over a stomach virus. I WILL sell him if I find out he transferred that stomach virus to me.

5) I have to go do the dishes after I'm done with this post...I wonder how long and can drag this out...

6) The Disney channel is ALWAYS ALWAYS on in the living room...bleh

7) I really need to finish putting up my Christmas stuff

8) I am the best at chasing rabbits


10) I can't wait to go to bed


  1. LOL we were just at my girlfriends and her pug is 'squirrel ' mad ... you can even just mention the word in a sentence and he will go crazy!


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