Will You Marry Me?

Writing Prompt: If you HAD to marry a celebrity…
who would you choose and why?

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I had to think long and hard about this decision. I mean, I've already expressed my want to marry Michael Buble. Why stop at one though? I shouldn't have all my eggs in one basket. I would hate for all my hopes to be on Michael and then he ups and deceives me by finding another honey.

So, if I HAD to marry a celebrity who would I marry?

Who would it be?



Still thinking...

Apparently, I watch too many reality t.v. shows...


 I would marry Bruce Willis

Yes, Bruce Willis

Why, you ask?

Well, here's why:

The man played the voice of Mickey in Look Who's Talking. Ever since I saw that movie, I wanted my future child(ren) to be just like Mickey

He guest starred on Friends and that will forever be one of my all time most favorite shows

He saved the world in Armageddon

THE MAN CAN ACT (and looks good doing it)

These are horrible and shallow reasons to want to marry someone, but oh well

Call me crazy (and some of you will) but the man keeps getting better looking as he gets older

So there you go

Watch out Michael Buble and Bruce Willis


  1. Bruce couldn't even hold on to Demi, what makes you think he could handle a hottie like you?

  2. @Michael Gerard

    psshht, I don't even come close to Demi's hotness!

  3. He does have a definite sexy factor!

  4. Ohhh, I love Michael...and Bruce. I would be rather satisfied with either choice if I had to marry one of them...but I'd really really really like to marry Zachary Levi. :)

  5. Hard for me to pick someone because who they are in movies, etc. is never who they are in real life. Based on her movies and on screen personality I like Julia Roberts, but some of her comments in interviews tells me that she is not someone who I would get along with in person. I think I will just marry someone who lives down here on earth with me instead of in Hollywood.


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