Music/Movie Monday: Jon Bon Jovi

Once again, another post about a good lookin' celebrity man...

I (as many of you I'm sure) saw a post similar to this earlier today:

International Rockstar Legend Jon Bon Jovi dead at 49

My first reaction is utter shock

And sadness

Because this good lookin' hunk of a man is just too young to leave this earth

Because he still has good music to make

Come to find out it's all a hoax

Jon Bon Jovi is very much alive
 And, looking mighty good for 49 years old

So, Jon, I am very happy you're still here to make awesome music for a while longer

Because your music has touched generations 

For example, my friend's five year old daughter who used to sing this a couple of years ago while playing Guitar Hero:

"Oh, livin' on a prayer
take my hand 
and we'll make a square"



  1. I was cracking up at how he handled that whole thing. But you're right - he is still looking really good!

  2. Well, you darn near gave me heart failure. I finally saw them in concert for the first time last year. Be still my heart! The man can sing and looks good doing it!


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