Thankful For What?

Dinner has been devoured

The pies have been attacked

And now we are all vegging out watching Lady Gaga

(don't judge)

It's been a good Thanksgiving :)

I've been debating on a good Thanksgiving post all day. I wanted to do something different than just listing all the things I'm thankful, friends, etc. etc.

So I've decided to post the "unthankful" things I'm thankful for in my life.


Being a Single Mom
Being a single mom is not easy (duh). I've been blessed these past eleven years of single parenting. My frustrations and tears are many, but the accomplishments and joys far outweigh the hard times. Of course this is not the way I wanted to raise my child, but that's ok. We've made the best of it.


The Absence of Family Close By
The closest family I have is about 300 miles away. My mom and step-dad, siblings, and niece live in South Carolina (which is where I am for Thanksgiving). It has been seven years since they moved to South Carolina. I have become more independent and also value family relationships so much more. And, I love being an aunt!

The Not-So-Smart Decisions I Have Made This Past Year
I think this year has topped any other year in dumb decisions. This year has been full of heartbreaks and lots of set backs, but they were all part of a growing process. Thirty-one has brought a new sense of purpose and goals. Thirty-one has brought a little more knowledge and understanding of what I'm looking for in my career, relationships, and personal goals.

So, this year I'm especially thankful for all the "unthankful" parts of my life...the challenges, the disappointments, and the set backs - because they make the speical parts of my life more meaningful.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of memories, laughter, and thankfulness.


  1. Hmmm, this is the third time I've been hit with the concept of being grateful for the not so great stuff! I wonder if someone is trying to tell me something ;) Thanks for being a part of the continued inspiration - I'm trying really hard to be thankful at the end of what was an awful year.

    P.S. - Thanks for stopping by and saying hi on my SITS Day!

  2. @Christa aka The BabbyMama

    Thanks for stopping by! This is a hard concept. Two days after I posted this, my son and I got stranded 130 miles away from home with car problems. It was really hard to be thankful at that time!

  3. I, too, am Thankful for being a single mom, because for us, it's so much better than if I'd stayed married. Most of my family is also far away...600 miles... it's made me stand on my own two feet.

  4. You are right, the unthankful parts do lead to appreciating the thankful parts that much more.


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