Writing Challenge Update

Well, I'm pretty much halfway through the August writing challenge. Even though I haven't posted on here, my personal journal has been getting a workout since August 1. There are just some of my thoughts and feelings that the world is not ready for - so I keep them to myself. I've been going through a life shift lately. Even though this life shift is necessary, I have been fighting tooth and nail...and my journal has been getting the brunt of my frustrations. So, this afternoon I went back and counted all of the words in my entries so that I could count them towards my writing challenge total. 

Drum roll please...

5,510 words since August 1st

Yes, I typed that number correctly. My hand is tired. My brain is tired. But, I think I'm finally ready to give up fighting and hand over my struggles to The One who can deal with them much better than I can.

I found a website that listed 10 reasons to keep a journal:

1. Improve your health

2. Reduce stress

3. Stronger relationships

4. Better organizational skills

5. Better focus

6. Better solutions for your problems

7. Know yourself better

8. Personal growth

9. Enhances intuition and creativity

10. Captures "life's story"

Personally, my reason to journal is so that I don't end up in jail, the looney bin, or on a Lifetime movie.


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