Project 52 Update

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I have a commitment problem.

And, I'm not even talking about in the relationship department...that's a whole 'nother issue of its own.

I have big problems staying committed to anything...ANYTHING

Alas, here is a rather sarcastic update on my Project 52 list:

1. Organize my home

2. Organize my office
Bet my boss would like for me to start working on this one

3. Buy a new t.v. for my living room (my 12 year old t.v.just bit the dust)

4. Get my hair cut on a regular basis
Yes!! AND I got highlights for the first time today. My hair dresser is just plain awesome

You can't really tell the highlights in this pic but I promise they are there!

 5. Go to the dentist
Not since that root canal episode

6. Catch up on my Bible reading (working on read the Bible in a year plan)
Unfortunately, no

7. Haul my garbage off at least twice a week (I HATE hauling my garbage off and wait as long as possible) - Did I mention I HATE hauling off my garbage?!?

8. Journal regularly
Yes, and by journaling regularly I have discovered I need professional help

9. Put my makeup on at home rather than in my car while I'm driving
I have done a great job at this. If I don't have time to put makeup on at home, I just don't put as much on (I apologize to those who have to look at my unpainted face on those days)

10. Wash my face before going to bed
Hmm, I forgot this one was on the list

11. Brush my teeth and floss before going to bed

12. Get new contacts

13. Do some type of physical activity at least four times a week
I am really working on this one. I take a spin class for an hour two days a week.

14. Lose 15 lbs.
Working on it!

15. Work with my friend Teresa on beginning a Christian writing group
Hopefully we can talk soon

16. Start using the envelope system for my money
I can't find my envelopes

17. Lay out my and Brenn's clothes the night before

18. Make my lunch instead of eating out

19. Try at least one new recipe a week
One day...

20. Make a home cooked meal at least twice a week
I wish

21. Wear more stylish clothing
Still trying

22. Do at least one act of kindness each day
Good grief, I have failed miserably at this one

23. Write our Compassion child at least three different times
Unfortunately, no 

24. Call every one of my long distance friends just to talk
I bet half of them have forgotten my name by now

25. Spend more time studying my Sunday School lesson
Working on this

26. Turn in my homework assignments one day early
Stupid statistics homework

27. Put $10 a week in savings
I was doing good at this...until I took the money out
28. Plan a single mom's conference

 29. Do a single mom Bible study
Not yet
30. Get my laptop fixed
Or buy a used one dirt cheap
31. Clean out my car once a month
What floor board? Oh, that seat next to mine is for someone to sit in?
32. Do a Bible study with Brenn
Not yet

33. Spend more time with Brenn
I really need to work on this one
34. Eat at least one salad a day
Does lettuce on a hamburger count?

35. Put $5 a week in my Christmas Club account
Yeah, right
36. Send out at least five cards (birthday, thinking of you, etc.)
If I get ta 'crackin I could accomplish this one
37. Hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail
I really want to do this

38. Do at least two backpacking/camping trips
I have camped at least twice and I have a 20 mile backpacking trip planned for September
39. Go hiking at least once a month
If going from my bedroom to the bathroom doesn't count as a hike then I have not accomplished this one
40. Buy the Sunday paper every week
Buying the paper isn't the problem. Transporting the paper from the front passenger seat of my vehicle into the house before the newspaper turns yellow is my goal
41. Blog at least four times a week
Yeah, you see how well that's working out

42. Start a Scrapbook
I have done this and blogged about it!

43. Read at least 5 nonfiction books
There's still hope
44. Plan a vacation
I did take a trip to Pensacola about a month ago sans the kid. I kinda feel guilty about marking this off the list until we take some type of vacation together.

45. Start a prayer journal
Not yet
46. Go to a play
Done! Brenn was Willy Wonka in his fifth grade play. That kid might make me rich one day...he definitely has the drama thing down to a perfection

47. Give a speech
I give Brenn some type of speech every day
48. Get at least seven hours of sleep every night
I would love to work on this one
49. Pick out Brenn's glasses
Poor kid
50. Cut Brenn's hair every other month
I pay someone to do this...cuz I'm rich like that ;)
51. Start my freelance website
Soon I hope!
52. Work on one freelance writing project a month
No :(

Well, there ya go. I still have time to work on my list. If only I would have added to my list "work on not procrastinating..."


  1. No wonder you don't get much have WAY too much going on! Your list was too overwhelming for me. I read up to number 20. I guess I have a commitment problem too!! lol

  2. Whoa!!! That's a lot of stuff. I have a procrastination problem. I just put things off until they HAVE to be done!

  3. This is a huge list! Oh my gosh you remind me of myself. I've had to learn to slow down haha.


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