I'm At That Age

Today was the day

I realized

I'm really in my 30s

I've had ample amount of time to realize this fact, seven months to be exact. I even blogged about turning thirty, but the realization hit me today while at my son's doctor's office.

It wasn't a huge deal, really. Here we are, sitting in the waiting room when the nurse opens the door and calls Brenn's name. We both stand up and walk towards her. As we are going through the door, she gives me a look...one of those looks that makes me think maybe I have something hanging out of my nose.

As she leads us to the scale, she says to Brenn, "So, who do you have here with you today?"

He looks at her like she should realize the obvious and in his preteen 11-year-old voice, he says, "My mom." Duh.

After she records his weight, we walk into the room where we will see the doctor and she says to me, "you don't look old enough to have an 11 year old."

While basking in the good feeling of her comment, I say, "Oh yes, I'm 30." She looks at Brenn and says, "Boy, you have a young lookin' mama."

Like I said, not a big deal. I should be happy for the compliment. This particular comment on this particular day just made me realize that once upon a time I hated for people to tell me I looked young, and now I relish in those same comments.

Don't get me wrong, 30 is not old, but it's definitely not 20. I'm at that age where I notice the crows feet, search for those lone gray hairs, and hope that gravity stays my friend for just a little while longer...


  1. Oh Sugar, you are not "in your thirties" yet. That doesn't happen until you are 31. Right now you are just 30. :) Just wait. I am going to be 35 next month... THIRTY-FIVE!!!!! (in case you missed it the first time) OMGracious, I am so old!

  2. @Sorta Southern Single Mom

    Ha! I can't believe I'm 30. But, as the saying goes, "you're only as young as you feel." So how young do ya feel? ;)

  3. I don't know how I ended up at 34. But someone recently asked if I was a student at the college where I work and looked genuinely shocked when I said I'd graduated seven years ago. That made me happy.


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