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At this very moment, if someone simply poked me in the arm, I would fall over. I started my diet Saturday. I felt great the first two days because I just ate like normal. Yesterday was my first day cutting sugar, carbs, and caffeine out cold turkey. A friend of mine has lost 27 lbs. on this diet. It's pretty extreme, which is the reason you're not supposed to stay on it for more than 40 days. I felt ok yesterday other than a headache from caffeine withdrawal. I even felt ok today until this afternoon. Since about 4:00 this afternoon, I have craved everything from french fries, quarter pounders, jelly beans, mountain dew, donuts...I have talked myself out of doing this diet about 400 times. I am exhausted just from the internal struggle. 

I'm trying to journal while I'm on this diet. I journal my struggles, my joys, my weight, how much water I drank, and what I've eaten for the day. One day I might even be brave enough to share the journal, but right now I'm keeping it personal. I have a horrible relationship with food. Really, this just symbolizes my dysfunction with many relationships. 

I'm definitely accomplishing the "eat at least one salad a day" goal.

I can't believe a month has already passed. I feel like I've accomplished quite a bit, but I still have a long way to go to meet my goals. Tonight, as I was looking over my goals, the goal of doing at least one act of kindness a day caught my attention. Unfortunately, I haven't been very good at this goal. I hope I'm kind to at least one person every day, but I'm more than positive there are days when kindness misses out as one of my vocabulary words.

However, this past Sunday, I was able to perform an act of kindness. This act ended up blessing me just as much (maybe even more) than the girls receiving the act. Recently, I came in contact with a local organization that takes in women with addiction problems. Last week, one of the girls from this organization called to see if someone could pick a couple of girls up for church on Sunday. I felt that this was something I was supposed to do, so I picked two girls up on Sunday morning. The drive from the organization to the church is around 30 minutes, so we had a good chance to talk. Their testimonies spoke to me so much more than anything I said to them that morning. So many times I take for granted the blessings God has given to me. These two girls were a reminder that He is working in our lives each and every day, especially when our own strength is not enough. He won't always keep us from the trials, but He promises to always be with us as we go through those trials. I think that reminder was worth not getting much accomplished this past week :)


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