Week One Random Thoughts from a "Bachelor" Junkie

I am a reality t.v. junkie

I watch the housewives

I watch the dancing competitions

I watch The Bachelorette 

I watch The Bachelor

Yes, I know the phrase 'reality t.v.' is an oxymoron

Yes, I know that I'm wasting time watching these shows

Still, at the end of the day, I am a junkie

As some of you know (admit it, you watch) "The Bachelor" started last night. I thought it would be fun (and I just might be the only one) to give my random thoughts on each episode. In the past, I've followed Reality Steve to get the spoilers. I promised my son I wouldn't read the spoilers this time, so my comments will be based on nothing but my thoughts. If you want to read the spoilers, go ahead, but don't tell me what happens :)

So, here are my random thoughts on the first week of "The Bachelor."

Brad climbs a mountain...in cowboy boots?

Cue Brad with no shirt

Cue Brad thinking intently

Cue Brad with no shirt

Cue Brad in a business suit

Cue Brad coming out of the water with no shirt

Every season...it never changes

The first girl that gets out of the limo (named Chantel) gives Brad a good slap in the face and says it's from every woman in America. Not from me since I don't know what he did in the first place.

Ashley S - cute accent, kind of young, grabs his bottom !?!? Get's the first impression rose...imagine that

Vampire girl...really ?!?!

Keltie - Wow, she's so bubbly. She's so bananas! If you watched the show, you'll know why I said that.

Emily - I really like her

Raichel - Manscaping - Hahaha!

How many times does Michelle have to say she's a woman-not a little girl before she actually believes it?

How many times does Brad have to say he's changed before he actually believes it?

After all the women know who the bachelor is, they are given the opportunity to leave the house...really? Who is gonna leave? 

Brad sends 10 women home...none I was crazy about in the first place

20 women stay

Good first week. 

And, those are the random thoughts from a "Bachelor" Junkie.


  1. Love Brad without his shirt. Drool. Every scene should be like that!

  2. Gosh I feel like i should start watching more tv lol. Stopping by from SITS

  3. Ok I watched the first show...
    My husband was SOOOO confused- so is this guy famous? do they win a million dollars? why do you care....

    It is one thing about life here in the states I wasn't able to explain to him in a satisfactory matter.

    I think Michelle will be awesome TV drama, I am just say we currently hail from the same state...and the Vampire teeth, have got to go!

    - the MRS.

    You can read a silly story about my husband buying beer on accident Here

  4. @savvy4u

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Watching this stuff really is a waste of time, but it's quite entertaining ;)

  5. @c.e.l.i.n.a

    You're husband is hilarious! He represents most men in America. They don't want anything to do with these type of shows and they don't understand why we watch them ;)

    Yep, Vampire girl is going to make interesting drama for sure.

    Thanks for stopping by! I'm going to read your blog post right now :)

  6. I think I want to watch this time. Usually my husband bans that from the tv : ) but since he has been working so late lately, I might have a chance to delve in!

  7. @Life with Kaishon I would say that you won't be sorry for watching it, but I could be wrong ;)

    Thanks for visiting! Come back again and we'll discuss more bachelor stuff.


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