Week Four Random Thoughts From a Bachelor Junkie

I finally had time to watch this week's Bachelor episode!

Here are my random thoughts:

At the very beginning, the talk of the house is Michelle's black eye. No one knows how she received this black eye. She just woke up with it. Some reports say she did it to herself. If I was Michelle, I would kick my own butt on a regular basis.

The first one on one date is with Chantal. She and Brad get to walk the ocean floor (because anything else would not be good enough for a date on the Bachelor). Brad definitely likes Chantal. He says that he loves the playfulness between them, the way she calls him out, and the way she makes him laugh. And, good grief, she gives him enough tongue when they're smooching.

Next, is the group date. The group date ends up on Love Line with Doctor Drew. I just have to say, I have a humongous crush on Dr. Drew. I love watching him on Celebrity Rehab. He's so calm and so hunky...in a nerdy kind of way. This was a pretty cool date. The girls opened up more. Poor Brad with his shiny forehead. I really wanted to yell, "cut!" and blot some powder on his forehead.

Ashley H. begins her temper tantrum while talking on Love Line...and it lasts all night long. Ashley begins by telling Brad she's retracting because she's afraid of getting hurt. Like I said, this is only the beginning of her temper tantrum. It continues all night and ends with her not getting the rose which I believe was originally intended for her.

I did not even recognize Britt when she was talking to Brad on Love Line! I don't know if I've seen her with her hair down, but she looked like a totally different person. I really like Britt. She just seems like a sweet person.

After the Love Line visit with Hunky Dr. Drew, the group heads back to Brad's house. This is where Ashley H. continues her temper tantrum. The girls are like vultures during this date (more so than normal). Brad's enjoying the attention!

Ashley H. is having trouble dealing with her emotions. When she and Brad were talking, I could barely understand her crazy talk. She was also being very rude toward Brad. She just had a bad attitude. At the end of the date, when Brad had the rose in his hand and she had diarrhea of the mouth once again, he said he was going to have to change his plans...which means the rose was probably going to Ashley. He ended up giving it to cutie pie Britt.

I love how Chantal says little comments just to get Michelle going. My most favorite one last night was when Michelle received her date card which said, "Michelle, let's hang out together, Brad." Chantal pipes up and says that all the other date cards have said something about love. As Michelle is over thinking the meaning in all this, Chantal says that it probably doesn't mean anything. She's such a conniving girl...

So, Brad's next one on one date is with Michelle. Sweet Michelle. She almost seemed sweet on their date, but don't be fooled. She's still the same Michelle. Brad and Michelle's date begins with rappelling off the side of a building to the (you guessed it!) rooftop of another building where they would have dinner. I really felt sorry for Michelle this time. Being afraid of heights and having to rappel is pretty serious. Michelle gets a rose at the end of the date. Her gangsta actions crack me up. She's trying to hide them, but they come out every now and then.

Nothing really exciting happened at the cocktail party. What Brad did for Emily was really sweet. Chantal has a rough time handling her emotions and begins crying. Once again, I have to say that I cannot imagine the emotions these women go through while watching a guy they like dating and showing affection towards other women. I can tell by the way Brad acts when he's around Chantal that he likes her a lot. He tells her that she is everything that he's not had in his past (which is good).

Nothing overly dramatic at the rose ceremony either. Chris Harrison comes out to say his famous line. I wonder if he even has to look over his lines each week. What a job!

Meghan, Stacey, and Lindsay end up going home.

Meghan, oh Meghan, what kind of exit were you trying to do? That was probably my most favorite part of the show!

This video is the whole rose ceremony. If you just want to see Meghan's exit, go to 4:39. It cracks me up every time I watch it!

Those are all the random thoughts I have for this week...stay tuned to next week...I'll be on time!


  1. I too watch the Bachelor however it is my weekend pleasure to watch my DVR recorded junk. Maybe the black eye is a bad Botox job? Thank you again for following me and you go girl as a single mom. My husband was raised by one and frankly they are really awesome to women!

  2. @Caryn Ross

    Thank you for the sweet comments. I love your blog!

    I never thought about Botox...could be ;)


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