Project 52 Weekly Update

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I'm late again. These past couple of weeks have just been whizzing by. School is kicking my tail again too. Working with learning teams is HARD. Working with people is HARD. We also seem to have moved up north without my knowledge because we keep getting snow. When there's snow, school is out. This just screws my schedule up even more.

I'm complaining again, aren't I? I believe this is how last week's Project 52 update began. I'm really not a pessimist. I guess my pessimistic side beat up my optimistic side some time in the last two weeks. 

Here be my update (my pessimistic side seems not to have grammatical knowledge either)

1) My office is halfway organized. For those of you who have seen my office, you know this was a major feat. My boss was overjoyed. Now, if I can just keep it that way... ;)

2) I have a new t.v. and I didn't even have to purchase it! We were planning on buying a flatscreen t.v. (given the fact that's all they sell in the stores now). The intimidation I felt while researching new televisions was enough for me to go back to the horse and buggy days. I'm perfectly happy with any t.v. as long as I can see a picture and hear sound. I don't give a hoot if it has HDTV, 3D, ADHD, AARP...I just want a t.v.

3) We went hiking this past Sunday. I cannot put into words the therapy of just stepping foot on a trail. I love to hike. I have withdraws if I don't go hiking for a long period of time. Hiking also gives me quality time with Brenn...even though he's looking for a snake with every step he takes. He had a bad experience with a copperhead while we were hiking a few years ago. Ever since, he's on the lookout for snakes. I'm kinda worried what he will do when he sees one. He ended up on my back the last time he saw a snake. 

Anyway, the hike was absolutely gorgeous. We hiked the Stone Door Trail and the Laurel Falls Loop in the South Cumberland State Park

4) I finally remembered to stop and buy a Sunday paper! Now, I just have to remember to transport that paper from the front seat of my car into the house so that I can clip the coupons ;)

This week, I'm working on a diet/exercise plan. I know I have the will power in here somewhere...I'm beginning to think I ate it.

Hope ya'll had a great week!

P.S. I'm also running late on posting my Bachelor update. I watched last night, but I was watching while working on a big homework assignment. I need to watch it again and take notes. It's coming soon!


  1. Better late than never! Distractions long as you get around to it, no worries!


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