Thrifty Thursday: Two Websites to Get You Ready for 2011

Thanks to a fellow blogger named Karen and her Project 52, I'm currently working on a list of 52 things I want to accomplish in 2011. I thought it would be hard to come up with 52 things, but I've learned pretty quick that it's not hard at all.

Two of the goals on my list ( these goals will stay on my list until the day I leave this earth) include getting organized and sticking to a budget. Here are a couple websites I've found in past years that have made my thriftyness just a little easier.
I found several years ago while trying to find some way to get control of my daily life. If you think that getting control of your life is not thrifty, think again. How many times have you had to go and buy multiple of something because you can't find what you're looking for in your cluttered house? How many times have you picked fast food over a home cooked meal because you forgot to take something out of the freezer (or you haven't done the dishes)? This was (and still is at times) me. Flylady helped me to discover that because I am a perfectionist, if I can't do something perfectly then I just won't do it at all. It sounds crazy, I know, BUT it's true. At, you begin by taking baby steps. You will learn to love a shiny kitchen sink and your timer. There's a lot of information on her website and it will cause information overload if you try to take everything in at one time, so begin here. If you sign up for emails, you will receive a daily email telling you what baby step you're on and what items you need to accomplish for the day.
I've been using this website for about five months now. I have a love/hate relationship with I love that I can set a budget and set personal financial goals for myself. I also love that I can link my bank account to so that my spending habits can be tracked (it's totally secure). I love that the cost to use the services of this website is FREE. What do I hate about this website? I hate those emails I get from telling me when I've overspent in a certain area of my budget.

So, there you go. Two websites to get you ready for 2011. Ready. Set. Go!


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