Thrifty Thursday: Hip2Save

So that I can add more corny names to the days of the week, Thursday is now "Thrifty Thursday." As a single parent, I have to watch my dollars and sense (yes, I know it's spelled wrong - I did it on purpose). I try to watch for freebies and find the best deals. I'm no expert, but I try. With it being Christmas season, I'm trying to find good deals on gifts. That probably sounds like I'm cheap....because I am. I still give the gift in love, no matter if it cost $100 or $1. 

One of my favorite blogs is Hip2Save is run by a lady named Collin. Collin and her husband have three kids and as she states, "We are a typical American family, struggling with finances, budgeting, and the challenges that come with raising children in today's fast-moving world." Collin keeps the blog up-to-date every day and as a result I have found some pretty hot deals. At this very moment, you can get an ESPN Magazine Subscription for $3.99; 50 free prints from Snapfish; and free natural-cut fries with sea salt from Wendy's.

Check it out!


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