The Jesse Tree - Brennifer Style

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christ-filled Christmas!

Back in November, I had written a post about Advent. Unfortunately, the weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas flew by and in-between Christmas parties, Christmas plays, and Brenn being at his dad's, we did not get too far on our Jesse Tree. Yesterday, I decided we would still do the Jesse Tree even though Christmas has come and gone. 

I call this project The Jesse Tree - Brennifer style (Brenn and Jennifer) because once again we're doing things backwards, which happens quite a lot in our household ;)

I don't have pictures to all the Jesse Tree devotions because we haven't done them all, but I wanted to share the website we used to find the devotions and ornaments for the tree. I also wanted to share some photos from our first two devotions.

It's not too late to celebrate Advent! The birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus shouldn't only be celebrated at certain times of the year, it should be celebrated all year long!

The website I used for the devotions and the ornaments can be found here.

Some pictures from our first two devotions:

Our Jesse Tree without any ornaments


         Blurry picture of one of the ornaments

Brenn reading the first devotion

Me reading the second devotion (pay no attention to the girl with the greasy hair wearing no makeup). Not my finest photo for sure.


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