Music/Movie Monday: My Top Ten Must See Christmas Movie List (Part 1)

I've decided that Mondays have become music/movie day in my single mom blog world. I will use Mondays to share my opinion on different songs, artists, movies, etc.

Since it is just mere days before the Christmas season begins, I thought I would share the list of my top ten must see Christmas movies. Here are my first five must see movies:

Christmas Child

This movie just made my list a couple years ago. Christmas Child stars Steven Curtis Chapman (one of my favorite singers) and is based on a book by Max Lucado. 


The Holiday

I would never admit this to everyone, but I am a hopeless romantic. Who would not want to stay in a quaint cottage in England and have a good looking guy like Jude Law burst in?

Home Alone


National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Can I find similarities between the Griswold family and my own family...maaaaybe ;)


Reindeer can fly. This movie proves it. I believe it.

What are some of your must see Christmas movies?


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