Update on Couponing...I've Been Demoted

Good grief, where has the time gone?!?! School has been kicking my tail...Economics in general. I will be done with this class on Sunday. All I have to say is good riddance, Economics. I will not miss you. If I meet you on the street I will pretend like I don't know you, because I really never quite understood you.

Well, back in April I began my quest as a "coupon terminator." After several months at the job, I have been demoted to "coupon toddler." Although I have gotten some great deals, mastering the art of saving money is going to take some time. The upside to this whole journey is that I now receive about 5 different magazines (good magazines) for free. I'm telling you, hip2save.com is an awesome website. I will not pay for a magazine subscription again. As far as couponing, I've learned to master one store at a time. I tried Walgreen's a couple of times, but I ended up walking out of the store more confused than when I walked in. I almost have Food Lion mastered. Between coupons and my MVP card, I've been able to save some pretty serious money. The best I've done so far is pay $55 for $88 worth of groceries. That's pretty major for me! So, if you shop at Food Lion (like you have many other choices in Manchester), make sure to check out the weekly Food Lion ads. One thing I've noticed is that they have a buy on get one free cereal special almost every week. Combining coupons with weekly specials will help you save even more!

I'm slowly learning how to walk as a coupon toddler, but I still have coupon terminator dreams.

And one more thing...

Just say NO to Economics!


  1. I have a book with all kinds of nice coupon pages, dividers, and even a table of contents (the organizer in me:-). My book is full of expired coupons and no current ones at this point, so don't feel too bad. You have company in the toddler room. ~D

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