My New Venture As a Coupon Terminator

I'm changing gears a little with this post. After watching friends receive some great deals from couponing, I've decided to try out this venture. Now, I don't mean just a little couponing, I mean terminator couponing. I mean walking into the store ready to take care of business and slash the grocery bill. A friend of mine has been taking pictures of the deals she's been finding (thanks Liz!) and I'm envious. So, while at my mom's house in South Carolina this past week, I did some research. I've read up on the best ways to coupon, found a great website that sends updates on the best deals (, and watched video after video on how to save the most with coupons. My next step will be printing and cutting coupons. I am ready to do business. Stay tuned to my adventures as a coupon terminator...I'll be back.


  1. I'm checking on that seminar so you can be the best terminator you can be. I'll let you know what I find out. ~Donna

  2. I'll be back . . . really?? You are an interesting person. (; Guess who. :D


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