Do I Just Want to Be Entertained?

"Mom, I'm bored." My nine, almost ten year old son has felt the need to share this phrase with me quite often lately. As I heard this over...and over...and over again, I began to tell him that he was not put on this earth for me to entertain. This does not make things any better in the least. But, I began to wonder as I heard this phrase repeated throughout the day, how often it is that I have this same attitude. How often do I go somewhere or participate in an activity with the expectation of being entertained? Now, of course it makes sense when I'm going to the movies or a concert. I hope I will be entertained since that's what I'm paying for. But, do I keep this same attitude when I enter God's house? Do I walk in on Sunday morning or Sunday evening expecting to be entertained by someone else's joy and excitement, hoping that maybe that excitement will somehow transfer over to me? Do I walk in expecting to enjoy the show? God does not want us to be spectators. He wants us to be participants in everything He's doing. He wants us to be involved in worship and praise. He wants us to participate in Bible study. He wants us to actively pursue Him in every way. He wants us to find our own joy and excitement in Him, not try and live off the excitement of someone else. He doesn't want us to sit back and enjoy the show. He fully intends for us to be a part of it.


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